All clues on how housing taxed Income 2015

One of the biggest concerns for most taxpayers passes successfully complete all information relating to deductions for housing.

The campaign Rent 2015 He kicked off last week and one of the major issues for most taxpayers is the tax treatment of housing. This year, Besides, presents new: such as eliminating tax relief for rent.

It should be clear What deductions can take advantage of the taxpayer, How tributa, e.g., payment in kind or rental.


1. What it is the usual home? The Tax agency means residence to that for which the taxpayer's residence for a continuous period of, at least, three years and that the taxpayer may dwell effectively and permanently, within a period not exceeding twelve months, from the date of purchase or completion of construction. further, They assimilated to the residence for the purposes of the deduction annexes and garages acquired in conjunction with housing

2. How does the deduction for acquisition or rehabilitation affects? From the 1 January 2013 It is suppressed Deduction for investment in residence. Yes, taxpayers who acquired their property before that date can continue to enjoy tariff reduction under the above conditions to 31 December 2012.

They can also benefit taxpayers who had previously satisfied amounts to 1 January 2013 for rehabilitation or extension of the residence, provided that those works are completed before 1 January 2017. Likewise, taxpayers who have satisfied amounts forrealization of works and installations adequacy of the residence of persons with disabilities before 1 January 2013, provided that the said works or installations are completed before 1 January 2017.

Yes, we must bear in mind that in order to apply the transitional deduction system requires that taxpayers have applied the deduction for such housing 2012 or in previous years, unless they have not yet been applied because the amount invested in the same has not exceeded the amount exempt for reinvestment or the factual basis of deduction from previous homes.

"Where the acquisition or rehabilitation are carried out with external financing [mortgages], the amounts financed are understood as inverted are amortized loans obtained. In these cases, They form part of the basis of the deduction both amortization of principal and interest and other expenses arising from such funding ", assures

The percentage specific to deduct is a 15% on the amounts contributed with a maximum limit 9.040 euros annual, what real effects yields a maximum deduction of 1.356 euros.

In the case of the adequacy of the residence of taxpayer on grounds of disability, the limit is 12.080 euros annual.

3. How taxed payment in kind? From the 1 January 2014, It is declared exempt from income tax the profit on a payment in kind mortgage or notarial execution of the residence of the debtor, or guarantor, to cancel debts secured by mortgage on the same, provided that the credit has been granted by a bank or similar entity, If the owner or guarantor does not have sufficient rights or other assets to pay.

In any case, it is necessary that the owner of the residence has no other property or rights in sufficient amount to satisfy the entire debt and avoid the alienation of housing.

4. What is the exemption for reinvestment in residence? Capital gains realized on the transfer of residence of the taxpayer may be exempt, when the total amount obtained by transmission reinvests in acquiring other housing habituatel or rehabilitation of that that will have such character, ensures the Tax Agency.

This reinvestment must be done only once and in a period not exceeding two years (before or after).

Reinvestment of the proceeds from the sale must be made, once or successively, in a period not exceeding two years, counted from date to date, which can be not only after but also before the sale of the previous residence.

Must take into account, in the event that the amount of the investment is less than the gain from the sale, only It is excluded from taxation proportionate share the capital gain corresponding to the amount actually reinvested


5. It follows Something tenant? Since 1 January 2015 the deduction for renting the residence is deleted for tenant, for subsequent contracts at that date. In previous contracts, regulation sets a deduction 10,05% the amounts paid in the tax period, provided their taxable income is less than24.107,20 annual euross.

This deletion is only in the state deduction and not in the autonomic.

6. Does generates a rental yield? The Tax Agency explains that the income from the rental housing for the lessor are yielding real estate capital.

7. What you should declare the arrendandor?Yes, who has rented an apartment you do not have to report total revenues entered. The performance measurement is done by subtracting from income deductible expenses and applying this amount, where appropriate, certain reductions.

8. What expenses can deduct the landlord? For the determination of net income from real estate, can be deducted from gross income all expenses necessary to obtain, as well as the amounts for amortization of property and other assets assigned to the same, provided that they meet their effective depreciation.

The Tax Agency notes that the net return, the amount to declare, It may even be negative after deductions.

9. What expenses can not be deducted? Yes, Not all expenses are deductible. So, e.g., payments made on account of claims incurred in the real estate leading to decreases in the value of assets of the taxpayer are not deductible.

Nor does the amount of the improvements made to the property, without prejudice to the recovery of its cost by a route depreciation and amortization.

10. How tributa? In the event that renting a property is allocated to home, positive net yield, calculated as the difference between the total gross income and necessary expenses that are considered deductible, It will be reduced by 60%, whatever the age of the tenant. In the case of positive net income, the reduction will be applicable only in respect of the income declared by the taxpayer.

11. If you rent a young? In 2015 disappears reduction 100% which applied to the lessor if the tenant was aged between 18 and 30 years and net income from employment or economic activities in the higher tax period the IPREM.

12. How do they affect the interests? further, a ceiling set for the deduction of the interests of foreign capital, financing costs and repair and maintenance expenses, which may not exceed the amount of the full performance of each well. However, the excess may be offset in the next four years with the same limit for each property.

13. If there sublease? In the event of subleasing, the amounts received by the subtenant shall not be considered rental income, but from capital. Nevertheless, owner participation in the price of the sublease itself has the consideration of rental income, without it being necessary to apply on the net yield any reduction.

14. What if the rent is performed as an economic activity? Only if the lease is done as an economic activity the proceeds are not considered in rental income, but of economic activities, within which specific section shall be declared.

It is understood that the lease is done as an economic activity when in the development of the activity there, at least, a person employed with labor contract and full-time, for the performance of such management, as detailed Hacienda.

15. A home is needed? The Tax Agency has included a novelty in the exercise 2015 and that removes the requirement for, at least, with a local exclusively intended for management of properties leased to consider renting as an economic activity. Thus, if a taxpayer rent homes via internet, even without a physical loca, It can be understood as an economic activity.

16. Do you pay VAT? Normally, rental housing (used exclusively as such, with furniture, -arrendados garages and annexes together when it is established in the contract Leases-), It is a free operation VAT. In this way, the landlord does not affect or enter the tax for this item, nor the tenant is obliged to bear.

Nevertheless, no exemption in cases where housing is attributed to a mixed use apply, as a home or professional office.

Nor is tax exempt lease furnished accommodation where the lessor agrees to provide services of the hotel industry (such as cleaning, laundry, bed sheets, towels, etc.).

17. Should we be attentive to something? For the Tax Agency it has announced that this year is watching who has expressly announcement vacation homes online and other means.

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