Administrador de fincas cartagena

Is your community in good hands?

If so then it is not worth to read. You said you found a professional and honest manager in whom you can trust. Congratulations. It is most common.

If not so sure It has one or more of the following problems:

  • Not personally know your administrator and see what grapes to pears, only when it is required to report.
  • When a problem arises contact with an employee who does not give convincing answers and administrator it does not appear or later.
  • Your community is burdened by debts and the conflicts neighborhood.
  • You feel alone and does not know exactly how they are managing their community.

Do not worry, in Leysan we know how you feel because we know this area well.

That is why our philosophy is different.

  • We care about your problems, doubts and trust puts us: We know our customers personally.
  • We face when a problem occurs or there is an incidence. And regularly visited his farm.
  • We establish a savings plan, can reach up to 25% savings on your current budget.
  • It will not be alone. It has our experience to get the best result, both legal and technical level.
  • Without stress or waiting: breakdown service and virtual office 24h.