You'll find all the laws and regulations that may interest Communities of owners, to rentals and homes grouped into three categories:


Basic laws of communities

It includes updated text HORIZONTAL PROPERTY ACT (LPH), with all the changes and reforms, LPH references to other legislation, Horizontal Property Law Catalan, the rights and obligations of owners, and practical issues on telecommunications infrastructure in the Community, Digital Terrestrial Television, energy efficiency in the communities of owners, Noise problems in Communities, or rules relating to pets in residential buildings.


Rents and housing legislation

Collect legislation and useful information on rentals (Urban Leases Act, LAU updated with all recent legislation Promote rental, Rehabilitation Act and State Housing Plan, the revised text of the Act 1964, partially valid, tenancies, practical ideas for landlords and tenants, etc.) and housing issues in general and Construction Planning, New Law on Cooperatives, Land Law or quality of the building.


Legislative Links

Collection of web pages professional associations, legal resource centers, official journals, Legal publishers, Virtual libraries, official bodies, universities, and websites with interesting content for Communities, Managers and owners.