The relations between the owners of communities

The relations between the owners of the communities have gone from relations of friendship and familiarity strangeness relations.

First I want to thank for giving me the opportunity to share our thoughts on this blog aimed at both individuals co-owners and the various professionals who aspire to that common interests are managed effectively and efficiently.

We believe in the need and opportunity for a relational approach to the management and animation of a condominium to develop new neighborly relations.

Following the post title, we think, in communities of owners, we have gone from friendly relations, de familiaridad y/o invasivas de la intimidad (the cartoon series Here no one alive, es un buen reflejo), at ratios of absolute strangeness in which the only thing common is the weather as a topic of conversation. Climate change gives much play and Bizkaia Bilbao and Athletic Club have also.


It's amazing how we can be seen that "We buy an apartment" e invisible que "We enter a community".

Some of our sources are conceptual and collaborative commons economy.


The homeowners, as more or less formalized organizations, It is an entity without legal personality, para gestionar bienes comunes o, In other words, manage certain assets as a common.


And in this second expression is our different efforts, the paradox that we declare that our model represents a differential fact is that at the base of the horizontal property law of 1960 and its subsequent amendments beats the same effort, that is none other than improving coexistence and that the community take the right decisions.


The horizontal property law and its amendments, en especial the last, They try to avoid noncompliance the tragedy of the commons which he described Hardin, G.


Our contribution is that legal certainty is a necessary condition to manage a common good, but we think that-growing form- It is absolutely insufficient.


One of our strategies as property management It is considered as an ethical ground rules to overcome.



Nuevo modelo AF

We report that we consider key issues:


  • Manage collaboratively the agenda,
  • Process management and evaluation of suppliers for Sustainable building maintenance,
  • Annual budget and accessible accounts presented with rigor but reading "easy",
  • Bulletin / website with virtual office option,
  • Frame shared rights and duties and best practices,
  • Board to support the presidency .......


Our goal is that people owning not fall in the absence of their own interests.


We are convinced that many problems of today's society must be the promotion of an individualistic attitude which is expressed in all its bitterness in the communities of ownership. Our firm is composed of people convinced that conviviality, with respect for privacy and the privacy of each house, it's posible. And we believe that if there is a friendliness It can choose wisely. Y que la mejor forma de tener una buena convivencia es estar en condiciones de poder tomar decisiones inteligentes.