What is AAFF?

LNational Association of Property Administrators "AAFF" is a Professional Association, legally constituted and registered in the National Register of Associations of the Ministry of Interior with the number 600418.

It born from the need to gather and represent all professionals who are dedicated to administer or manage Urban Undeveloped or that, meeting access requirements demanded by the Association, They may act as Manager of the Association member farms, covered by the current regulations .

The loss of exclusivity of professional associations of Property Administrators and disappearance due to the Omnibus of these functions, It requires that schools themselves are organized as professional associations. In this regard AAFF, as a professional association of national, counts among its members with farm managers rather collegial collegiate.

As a guarantee of professionalism and efficiency in the work to be developed by our partners, the association imparts continuously refresher courses and retraining, all members being forced to realization.

The essential aims of the Association are the management and promotion of professional practice, the representation of it, the defense of the professional interests of members, the requirement for ethical standards in the practice of the profession, disciplinary action as may be appropriate and, in general, the adequate provision of professional activity, coordinating the interests of the Association and its partners with the possible service to society.

In fulfillment of our purposes, our partnership facilitates and promotes access to the profession, in order to gather and represent all professionals involved or wishing to start their career as a Property Manager.

Thus, AAFF is an open Professional Association, which facilitates and promotes access to PROFESSION, which recognizes the curriculum of numerous training courses in Farm Management, given by public entities or private training.

In the event that your degree or diploma does not contemplate the entire training plan demanded by our association, It will not be a problem for access, because through our Association may complete the studies required.

AAFF members, In addition to accredit their training qualification or diploma issued by overcoming the corresponding studies, credited specific training and belonged to our organization with the issuing of the managing agent issued by the Association, so, as the corresponding professional card.