What do we say about the Professional Associations of Property Administrators?

Ieport on the draft Royal Decree that the General Statutes of the Colleges of Property Administrators and Council approved.

Behind this title, what lies are a series of recommendations that the CNMC believe should be taken into account before the adoption of the new statutes that will mark the activity of estate managers.

Before anything, I discussed briefly the functions of property managers.

What do the farm managers?

Property Administrators are configured as a governing body of communities of owners. It is a charge that can be exercised by any owner, as well as by individuals with sufficient professional qualification and legally recognized to exercise those functions. You can also lie with corporations and other legal entities.

Managers are attributed a number of "Minimum" functions: i) ensure the proper management of the house, facilities and services; ii) forecasting and budgeting of expenses submitted to the general assembly; iii) address the conservation of the house, informing the President or owners; iv) execute the resolutions adopted regarding works, make payments and receipts; v) It acts as secretary of the Board of Directors, etc.

The Report of the CNMC has to do with the Draft Royal Decree by which the General Statutes of the Colleges of Property Administrators and the Council be approved. Specifically, This project includes a number of elements that may involve CNMC considers unjustified both to access this profession when exercise restrictions.

To be managing agent ...

  • It is the indirect requirement of compulsory licensing to practice, aspect on which the CNMC recalls that access to a profession and its exercise may be restricted only exceptionally and based on the principles of necessity and proportionality by a regulation having the force of law. This situation does not occur in the case of Property Administrators.

  • There is also the requirement to have a university official degree, in which curriculum knowledge directly related to the inclusion property management, the CNMC considers unjustified. This measure represents an unjustified restriction on its necessity and proportionality means limiting the activity to a small number of operators.

  • Refering to activity expertise, included in the Statutes, CNMC should avoid raising the reserve activity expertise exclusively to collegiate and, on the contrary, they can be included other professionals, competent technicians qualified to do so, since there is no legal protection for it.

  • The CNMC should remember that extreme caution in regulating the generic function of the Professional College when referring to "Adopt measures to prevent professional intrusion and to seek harmony and collaboration among collegiate". Both concepts can not obviously protect susceptible acts of violating the rules of competition.

  • Finally, the recommended CNMC prevent intrusimo concepts and unfair competition serve, incorrectly, to restrict access to the activity of managing agent, a profession unregulated and open access.

The CNMC is the independent regulator of markets and ensuring and promoting effective competition. This report is issued at the request of the Ministry of Public Works, in exercise of the powers of the advisory CNMC, pursuant to Article 5.2 of the law 3/2013, of 4 of June, creating the CNMC.

On professional associations and their need for reform, We have discussed in detail in:

Professional associations and reform, according to the CNCM

Unfortunately some property managers freely belong to a professional association, They confuse society with false claims, diffuse collegiality as a mandatory requirement to practice as estate manager, and belong to a professional association is a guarantee of quality and professionalism. If we look Administrators judicial sentences for crimes collegiate farms, We observe that too, so you can not try to relate quality with collegiality. Surely there will be great professional associations, but their professionalism is not linked to collegiality.

Fortunately, There are several professional organizations that protect and represent professionals engaged in property management, In addition to ensuring the professionalism of its members, as they are http://www.APETI.es, http://www.apaf.es and http://www.AAFF.es, among other. Possibly members of these entities have the same training or higher than the collegiate, but with the difference that no attempt to exclude other professionals Property Management, In addition to freely choose whether to belong to a college or professional association.

Fortunately professional associations enrich the sector, being professional who chooses whether to belong to a group or another, depending on the services offered to its members.

Professional associations unsuccessfully trying to monopolize the sector, and thanks to entities such as CNMC and the work of its officials, In addition to the legislators, this profession remains free access, not allowing schools to try to monopolize the profession against current laws, national and European.

I encourage all professionals dedicated to Manage Farms, Fortunately we have the option to freely choose whether to belong to a group or not, and if we choose to belong to one, we can choose among several professional organizations.

Thank you for the work and efforts made by all the people who contribute to this country to be a little freer. We must keep fighting so that those who try to act in a manner not get impositora, only they act in their own benefit..

Greetings and thanks.

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